Tuesday, September 22, 2009

day 42 lytle beach

Warm late summer day with glassy-calm water. Perfect for following the dance of the light waves on the sandy bottom of Lytle Beach. Ah........ (see photo at right).

And I can think of no better way to join the World Wildlife Fund's "What a Difference a Day Makes" tweet-fest. I'll tweet this post and join the fun.

I swam around Bainbridge Island to encourage people to get connected to their local ocean, lake, river, pond or stream. And today I swam a mile for WWF24. Here's one thing I saw, a Sea Blubber (big jellyfish, see photo).

air: 75F
water: 55F
wind calm
visibility 5-20 feet
tide low, rising
Sep 22, 3pm

sea blubber jellyfish (huge, 20 inches across)
light on bottom

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bowsprite said...

i love your blog! was introduced to you by Tugster of nyc who was poking about in your waters! i'm now in Bretagne, France, where all the sea life seems to be on the rocks: mussels, oysters galore, limpets... I'm looking, but the waters of Plouha are quiet... (fish do come out after sunset, which is 11pm, but i don't often stay around that late. I'm not a scientist!)