Monday, January 19, 2009

Flooded out

Argh, I went down to the beach today and found the water totally out of shape. Recent floods have made the water too murky for a good swim.

Here on Bainbridge we avoided the flood disaster (nice to live on an island!), but the ocean has collected the mud from all of the area's rivers and our Bainbridge ocean has it just the same as the rest of the region. Might be another week until I can get out in the water and see something.

Too bad, with my new UNDERWATER CAMERA, calm weather and sun, I was looking forward to a great day. Here's a sample of what I can do now, as I'm teaching my kids to snorkel in the local pool, in advance of a trip to Mexico in a few weeks. They're doing great and the little guy's only just turned 4!

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