Monday, October 13, 2008

Swim Around Bainbridge

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I've got an itch. I'm indoors too much, and lacking adventure. So, thrashing around a bit on what to do, it came to me.

I'll swim around Bainbridge Island, my home island.

It's all here, 53 miles of shoreline with at least a small dose of almost everything you'll find in the modern ocean world.

We have a Superfund site, and pristine shoreline. Armored banks with fancy houses, and forests that reach the water. Some good fishing, and some sadness over what's missing.

From Bainbridge's shores, you can see Seattle and snowy mountain peaks. One northend park has a great view of Seattle's port traffic, and the southend park near my home overlooks the entrance to Bremerton's navy base and twice I've seen massive aircraft carriers plow by. The evening before my son was born, I saw a pod of orcas from the ferry.

That's me on the right, standing on the beach at Fay Bainbridge Park on father's day, 2008. And yes, that's a Seattle icon, the space needle in the background next to my left ear.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the swim! I am also one of the few "fools" that snorkel around here, mostly around dive sites
(keystone, edmonds,titlow beach) and also Golden Gardens park. I even registered a domain about it, I totally understand your point about wilderness being a few feet away underwater, it is very true. Again, good luck!